Josh Frith

Managing Director | The Dubs

Josh Frith's 20-year career spans the media and finance industries in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Originally a finance journalist with News Corp Josh founded online technology company @www to power the online portals of television companies. He oversaw the creation of the first content portal for an Australian broadcaster - Seven Network before recreating this success for Britain's largest commercial broadcaster ITV.

Josh spent the next half-decade in the UK driving the digital brands of household entertainment brands The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and The Apprentice.

Following this Josh returned to Australia to help the Federal and State governments digitally market their program of multi-billion dollar IPO public privatisations for Telstra and QR National.

Josh then combined his media and finance backgrounds to create The Dubs content marketing agency, which creates and manages content programs for local and international finance brands including ANZ, BT, CBA, Colonial and TAL.

The next challenge ahead for Josh lies in the fintech space where he is currently co-founding financial wellness online portal Bees with Honey to provide a marketplace of good finance for all Australians.