Stewart Bell

Founder and Business Coach | Audere Coaching and Consulting

Stewart Bell is a Business Coach, Author and Founder of Audere Coaching & Consulting.

In over 15 years working on the business of advice, he's coached well over 400 professional services firms large and small to improve business performance and find opportunities to innovate.

His clients include financial advisers, accountants and mortgage brokers, in addition to the institutions that work with them, across a wide range of business models, successful and otherwise.

Stewart also has a specialist interest in the tech world and the methods used to launch Silicon Valley startups. This passion lead him to found Audere, and create the Leveraged Advice Firm program; a business improvement program & community designed to introduce proven methods to achieve more with less, models that foster growth without constraint, and ways to make your business stand-out and innovate.

He's also the author of two books Finnovation: The Complete Advisers Guide to Innovating Your Advice Model and 100 Ways To Run Your Business Better